Become a Poll Worker in Montgomery County

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Help your fellow residents make their voice heard by becoming a Poll Worker in Montgomery County.

Every year, Montgomery County relies on over 2,000 residents to help us conduct fair and secure elections. Poll Workers are an integral part of our democratic process, helping their fellow community members to exercise their right to vote. With 426 polling locations throughout the County, the need for Poll Workers is constant.

If you are an American citizen that resides, and is registered to vote, in our County, we urge you to submit an application to become a Poll Worker! High School students who are 17 years of age and are American citizens residing in Montgomery County are also eligible to serve. 

Full training and support is provided to all Poll Workers, in addition to a monetary compensation. Montgomery County is pleased to offer one of the highest pay rates for Poll Workers in the state, ranging from $225 to $350/day. 

Visit our Voter Services website to learn more or apply