Collegeville Borough Administration

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Geoff Thompson, Borough Manager

Geoff has been involved in municipal government for since 1993. Prior to becoming the Collegeville Borough Manager, Geoff served as manager of Hatfield Borough for 5 years, Assistant Manager for the City of Garden City, Michigan for 4 years, and Assistant Public Works Director for the City of Clemson, South Carolina for 2 years.

Adminstrative Assistant, Suzanne RobertsonSuzanne is in charge of the building permits administration, scheduling inspections, assisting residents with questions regarding borough services and ensuring the efficient operations of the borough office.

Treasurer, Linda AugustineLinda handles all the accounting and finances for the borough. Her accounting degree is from Temple University.

Other Officials

Borough Engineer:  David LehGilmore & Associates, Inc.

Borough Solicitor:  Sean Kilkenny, Esq.

Building, Electric & Plumbing Inspector:  LTL Consultants

Chief of Police:  Barton Bucher

Collegeville/Trappe Joint Public Works Department:  Joseph Hastings, Director

Emergency Management Coordinator: Jeff Wentworth

Fire Chief:  Jay Murphy

Fire Marshal:  Timothy Kennedy

Right-To-Know Officer:  Geoff Thompson

Tax Collector (Real Estate Tax):  Kelly Taylor

Zoning Officer:  Geoff Thompson

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