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An Available and Accessible Mayor

By Aidsand “Ace” Wright-Riggins, Candidate for Mayor One of the very first things I will do as Collegeville’s new Mayor in January of 2018 will be to officially announce the establishment of regular “Open Office Hours”.   A sign, similar to this…

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Primary Victory!

  Democrats in Collegeville sent a loud and clear message through yesterday’s Primary Election Results.  That message is, “Collegeville Matters!”    It matters to us who serves as a member of Borough Council.  It matters to us who champions our community…

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Collegeville at the Cross Roads

  The Collegeville Borough Council can serve its citizens best by reinstating its Business Liaison Committee and by partnering with and funding the Collegeville Economic Development Corporation (CEDC).  Many residents are puzzled as to why the Borough Council did not…

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Poor Financial Stewardship – Hold our State Rep and Senators Accountable

    This opinion piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer dated April 19, 2017 by John Baer highlights the growing budget deficit in PA.  Although states have a mandate to balance their budgets every year, many do not.  Truth in Accounting, a non-profit…

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Studies Show Racial Bias in School Funding

A Times-Herald  article addresses studies which show racial bias in funding and how it directly affects each of us. us.   It states that the larger a school district’s white population, the greater its state funding per student.  Also, the PA school funding formula…

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