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Meet The Democratic Candidates

Collegeville Democrats Invite You To Meet The Democratic Candidates On The May 15th Primary Election Ballot! Wednesday April 25, 2018 7:30 PM ~ 9 PM Ursinus College Campus (Wismer Hall Faculty Dining Room) Call 610-733-4329 ~ E-mail ~ Invited…

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Gun Control – 22 Things That Could Be Done

The event stage in Washington D.C with the Capital building squarely framed in the background. (MSNBC)   Hearing each of the young students speak out against gun control today in Washington D.C., I heard the speeches I have been waiting…

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Trump Wants to Send Secret Service Into Polling Places

(what it could look like) Highlights: – Proposal buried in the Department of Homeland Security funding bill. – A bill has already passed the House of Representatives. – The bill will come before the Senate in the near future. –…

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PA Republicans Attack the Judicial System Over Gerrymandering (An Opinion Piece)

The Pennsylvania state court struck down gerrymandered districts and Republican state lawmakers have gone ballistic. After their appeals were rejected by the (Democratic majority) state and (Republican majority) supreme courts, Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania are now trying it again, filing…

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House Republicans Go After Disabilities Act

Washington: Most House Republicans passed a bill that makes it harder for disabled persons to sue businesses for discrimination, allegedly in an effort to prevent opportunistic attorneys from taking advantage of business owners. But many disability and civil rights groups…

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