Homestead Ballot Question – Vote No


This election, there is a ballot question, the Pennsylvania Allow Local Taxing Authorities to Exempt Full Value of Homestead Amendment. We are advocating that you vote NO!!!

This proposal would allow local taxing authorities ― counties, municipalities, and school districts ― to exempt up to 100 percent of the assessed value of each homestead from taxes.

Sen. Michele Brooks (R-50), one of the two legislators who voted against referring the amendment to the ballot, said this:

“People need to hear the whole story. This is a major policy shift… [this] is the first piece to raising the personal income tax, increasing the sales tax, or taxing things that are not currently taxed.”

If the local taxing authority chooses elimination of property taxes, other funding streams would have to be put in place to make up for the lost revenue, or face the loss of government services and possibly even harm to public education.

This would be a step toward ending property tax, which Republicans have wanted to do for years. This would be a shift in the tax burden away from the wealthy (those who own a lot of real estate) and toward those who don’t own real estate (the poor, those who rent, etc.). Those who own more property will get more tax cuts – those who own no property will likely have to pay more.

Vote NO for the ballot question “Pennsylvania Allow Local Taxing Authorities to Exempt Full Value of Homestead Amendment.” It’s just more tax cuts for the wealthy.

Campaign Signs

Campaign Signs Reduced Size.jpg

Just a short note to tell you that the candidate team, Cathy Kernen, Marion McKinney, Mat McKnight, Shannon Spencer & Aidsand Wright-Riggins is shocked but not deterred by the vandalizing of Democratic campaign signs throughout the Borough.

The vandalized signs were placed in or on public property where, in most recent election cycles, the signs remained undisturbed during the complete run of campaign events and removed at the close of the election, Primary and/or General.

I sent a message to our Police Chief to update him about the destruction and our Mayoral candidate, Aidsand Wright-Riggins filed a report with the department.  Our Borough is fortunate to have a community oriented, professional police department that acted promptly to take the necessary report.

Now, with the destruction of our campaign signs, it seems as if members of the community or perhaps passersby have chosen to act immaturely and maliciously in an attempt to suppress bona fide local campaign activity.

It has never been the case, nor will it be in the future, where our Collegeville Democratic campaigns for elected office, include willful, mean-spirited, childish, vandalism that undermines genuine civic activity.

We have a strong slate of qualified, high energy candidates dedicated to serving all Borough residents.  Our team will continue to knock on doors, interact with voters and advance the campaign messages in a professional, upbeat manner as this helps promote positive community spirit and goodwill.

Our campaign signs have been re-ordered!  Expect an update about delivery early next week.  Thank you for supporting Cathy, Marion, Mat, Shannon and Aidsand!


Andrea Baptiste, Municipal Chair
The Collegeville Democrats