What Makes a Great Mayor?

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Collegeville Borough Mayor Aidsand Wright-Riggins

Aidsand Wright-Riggins is running for a second term as the Mayor of Collegeville Borough. We encourage you to visit his bio page and vote for him on November 2nd.

Whether you meet him just once or often, you’ll know that Aidsand Wright-Riggins is on our side. He is the biggest booster of Collegeville we could hope for. He is available to discuss business matters concerning our fair Borough, he attends innumerable events as our emissary and representative, he is there with a ready smile and a willing attitude to tackle problems large or small and also to celebrate accomplishments.

He is also available to his constituents; he holds regular office hours (pandemic allowing), but is also available to meet one-on-one by zoom or to talk on the phone. He attends Borough Council meetings and reports on his activities.

And all this time and effort he donates because he loves Collegeville; he truly knows that Collegeville is a Great Place to Come Home To.

Mayor Aidsand is running again for a second four-year term. In the 2021 election, he is being challenged by a Republican who thinks that he can do a better job. We know otherwise! Aidsand has earned our respect, our friendship, and our votes. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a tireless, upbeat and talented booster be willing to represent us again as we navigate our way in the changing world.

We all can help out by volunteering, getting our friends to register to vote and then helping them get to the polls to elect Democratic candidates up and down the ballot!  And, of course, we must ALL get out of our pandemic shells and cast our votes (either by mail, drop box or in person)!

You can also follow Mayor Aidsand on Facebook.