Borough Council Candidate Valarie Beckius


Q & A with Valarie Beckius

Why are you running for Borough Council?

There is an extensive economic development happening all around our area.  I feel this is the perfect time for Collegeville to push forward and make changes in order to compete and thrive, so we will not be left behind.  I would like to use my skills to aid in developing the future of the Borough, as        well as to enrich the quality of life for all Collegeville residents.

What is your Collegeville indulgence?

Taco pizza from my favorite Collegeville pizza shop.

If not at home, where in Collegeville would we find you?

I cook a lot, so you would find me at a local grocery store.

 What is your favorite memory in Collegeville, so far?

When my son was little, we would often go to Waterworks Park to muck around in Donny Brook, the creek that runs through the park. (Although Waterworks Park is not in the Borough’s logistical boundaries, it is jointly owned by Collegeville and Trappe.)

 Why did you move to Collegeville?

It was easy for my husband and me to decide to move to Collegeville, as we had lived in Trappe for the previous seven years.  We wanted to live in an area that had neighborhoods and sidewalks, as well as a true downtown. 

 What is one thing that most people don’t know about you?

I was once awarded Pennsylvania Vocational Special Education Teacher of the Year.  

Fun fact

Whenever my dog, Little Bean, hears harmonica or accordion music, she begins to howl along.

Valarie has been a resident of Collegeville for more than 18 years and has served as both a community and school volunteer.  She is an Elementary and Special Education teacher with a master’s degree from Penn State University.  She has had experience as president of several organizations and served on various committees where she organized events, solved problems, and managed budgets.

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