2019 Bipartisan School Board Ticket Supported by Collegeville Democrats!

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2019-UnitePV School Board Photo

– Sarah Evans-Brockett

– Reena Kolar

– Matthew Dorr

– Kim Mares

– Laura White

A bipartisan group of candidates – Matthew Dorr, Kim Mares, Sarah Evans-Brockett, Laura R. White, and Reena Kolar – is running to fill five open seats on the Perkiomen Valley School Board this Fall. #UnitePV is running on a platform of enhanced services to address the growing mental health needs of our students, prioritization of inclusivity and equity, transparent communication, and strategic facilities planning. Most importantly, they are focused on uniting the Perkiomen Valley School District. According to the team, “We want, and need, the voices of teachers, staff, community, AND STUDENTS, in addition to administration and board, when we make decisions.”

#UnitePV is comprised of 3 current Perkiomen Valley School Board members, Sarah Evans-Brockett, Reena Kolar, and Matthew Dorr, and 2 new parents, Kim Mares and Laura White. Sarah, Reena, and Matt were appointed to the School Board over the past year and a half when previous members resigned. #UnitePV chose to run together as a bipartisan group because they all have the best interest of the Perkiomen Valley School District and community as the core reason they want to be school board members. They have chosen to put party politics aside and focus on the children. Their name is truly their motto – they are looking to unite PV as a community and listen to everyone as they move forward in making Perkiomen Valley the best school district.

The team opposing them has come out saying that they are bipartisan as well. One of those candidates, Rich Flynn, switched his party affiliation from Republican to Democratic three weeks AFTER he filed his petitions. He is also the same board member that resigned in February 2018, resulting in Reena Kolar being appointed. This other group was endorsed by the Area 4 Republicans (including their newly minted “Democratic” candidate).

The district has had to deal with major facilities issues (South Elementary and the athletic fields) because they have not been addressed over the past decade. This has left these to worsen and ultimately cost more to fix. Two of the board members who made those decisions are running as part of the opposing team.

Please VOTE for Sarah Evans-Brockett, Reena Kolar, Matthew Dorr, Kim Mares and Laura White.

Website: www.unitepv.weebly.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unitepv/