Committee Persons Needed

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We need for Committee Persons:

– 1 Committee Person candidate in Collegeville 1.

– 1 Committee Person candidate in Collegeville 3.

We need both candidates by February 13th and will help circulate petitions & provide information, support and training (not much needed right now).

Our mission is to assist in getting Democrats elected to office at every level. How
does that happen?

Before the Primary Election:
-Attend Area 4 meetings where you can meet candidates, learn about current topics
and strategies, and vote on questions as they arise.

– Canvass the homes in your precinct and circulate petitions for candidates within
the area of your voting precinct. Some offices (such as School Board Director)
require only 10 signatures in order for the candidate’s name to appear on the ballot.
Other offices (such as State Representative) require 300 signatures. Committee
people help circulate these petitions in order to ensure that candidates have enough
signatures for their names to appear on the ballot.

-Attend the endorsement meeting for candidates who will be on the ballot at your
voting precinct. This year, that meeting will occur on February 15th. A committee
person can vote to endorse a candidate in their district for State Representative and
for State Senator. If you are unable to attend, you must find a proxy to vote in your
place. A proxy must reside in your voting precinct and be a registered Democrat.

-Assist candidates in your area with door knocking, literature distribution, and
anything else they might need. This phase targets only registered Democrats and
may involve:

-recruiting block captains
-creating lists of homes that are willing to host lawn signs
-recruiting poll volunteers
-creating email lists
-phone banking
-recruiting canvassers
-assisting with voter registration
-hosting fundraisers
-writing letters to the editor

For the Primary and the General Elections:
-Provide poll coverage at your poll from 7AM until the poll closes at 8PM. Ask
volunteers for help, and have campaign literature and goldenrod ballots available
for voters.
-Stay after the poll closes to watch the vote count.
After the Primary Election:
-Continue to support candidates in the same manner as before the primary election.
This phase will also target independent voters and Republicans who are potentially