Hate Letter

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Recently, our Democratic Mayoral candidate Aidsand (Ace) Wright-Riggins was cruelly targeted by a “letter” that was directed to “ATTENTION COLLEGEVILLE FAMILIES.”  I did take a day to review the letter and my thoughts which I now share with you.

The letter was a laundry list of despicable lies and hateful propaganda.  Clearly it was an attempt to not only discredit Aidsand’s campaign for Mayor of Collegeville,  but also to disparage our Democratic candidates for Borough Council and to pit our community members against each other, just as President Trump is promoting division within our nation.

This hateful letter is a textbook character assassination, as well as a promotion of lies that pander to fear and intolerance based on religious, racial and socio-economic considerations.

As a result of this letter’s circulation, there has been an outpouring of positive comments posted on social media supporting Aidsand for Mayor.  Our heartfelt thanks to neighbors, friends and supporters for standing strong for our Mayoral candidate and his campaign as well as our Borough Council candidates!  Thank you for rejecting this hateful activity!

(Link to Aidsand’s video response: https://www.facebook.com/aidsand/videos/10214703884574114/)

The Collegeville Democrats strongly support Aidsand Wright-Riggins for Mayor and also strongly support Cathy Kernen, Marion McKinney, Mat McKnight and Shannon Spencer for Borough Council!   Additionally we support community good will, cooperation, tolerance and fairness!

Because Collegeville Matters, Aidsand Wright-Riggins has extended an invitation to “Chat and Chew With Ace” at the Collegeville Diner, 9 AM on October 28th.  Join us in support of our Mayoral candidate!

Andrea Baptiste, Municipal Chair
The Collegeville Democrats