A Call To Decency

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When I saw the horrific and hateful letter that was dropped at the front doors of some Collegeville residents, I was stunned that the political chicanery unleashed at a national level has seeped down to Collegeville.

The flier, “ATTENTION COLLEGEVILLE FAMILIIES!”–all in caps and with an exclamation point–screams at us with the vilest political propaganda in an attempt at character assassination of a dedicated and highly competent candidate for the office of mayor. Dr. Aidsand Wright-Riggins publically is volunteering his expertise, experience, and passion for responsible government to help move our town into the future, yet he is being villified by those who remain in the shadows of contemptible innuendos and destructive conspiracy theories.  The tactics employed in the letter painfully remind me of the kind of propaganda used by the Nazis in Germany in the 1930’s to fuel racial and ethnic hatred.

To spend time and energy on who or what group sponsored, wrote, and distributed such an inflammatory diatribe in our town masks the reality that the only honorable response lies with Mayor Stagliano to condemn the false allegations in the letter and to disassociate himself from the evil forces that authored and spread them.

It is time for a call to all of us to demand decent and open discourse from those whom we elect to serve us at every level of government, starting right here in Collegeville.

F. Russell Mitman
Resident of Collegeville for 24 years