Turning Up the Heat?

Concert Canceled

Last night, at the Collegeville Borough Council meeting I was denied the opportunity to make a political plug at tonight’s community concert series, as my opponent’s supporter had done at the last concert.   It was clearly wrong and a violation of Borough Council policy that a paid performer would make a political advertisement for the current Mayor of Collegeville a couple of weeks ago.  While I applaud the Borough Council President, Terrie Stagliano, for acknowledging and apologizing (I think she apologized) for the violation of campaign finance law and historic Borough practices, nothing was done or suggested to level the “opportunity playing field” between my opponent, Mayor Albert Stagliano and myself.  I am not interested in punitive justice.  I care deeply about restorative justice.   That justice was denied.

Consequently, the “Wright-Riggins For Us” campaign team got fired up and was ready to take our message directly to the people in the park this evening. The picture here is the sign that met us as we were preparing to set up… Interesting.

It makes me again reflect on Gandhi’s statement about political opposition, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

I am not quite sure if our campaign is in Gandhi’s stage one (ignoring) or his stage three (fighting)  right now.   However, I am sure that no one is laughing .  What I do know is that we have less than 120 days until the election, an election that will determine Collegeville’s future for years to come.   To me, that means that it is incumbent on all of us to remain vigilant and indivisible.

Dr. Aidsand  F. “Ace” Wright-Riggins III

Candidate for Collegeville Mayor


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