Thank You!

Borough TeamThank you attending the July 8 Meet & Greet for our Democratic candidates!

John & Kathy Costello graciously opened their charming home & beautiful gardens to us yesterday in order for all who attended to chat, get acquainted and hear from our County and local candidates for Judge, Court of Common Pleas, Borough Council and School Board Director. As always, thank you for your ongoing support of and encouragement of our candidates & the Collegeville Democrats !

A special “Shout Out” to Preston Luitweiler for the generous monetary donation he made to the Friends of Collegeville Democrats while in attendance. Thank you Preston! Much appreciated!

Katie Muth, Indivisible Mid MontCo, attended yesterday to get acquainted with our candidates and all fellow Democrats, as well as, to share the exciting news that she is in the 2018 race for PA State Senate, District 44. More to come from Katie in the near future!

Andrea Baptiste

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