PAs Rules Weakest in the Nation on Legislators’ Acceptance of Gifts

Accepting Gifts

In 2016, our Harrisburg legislators enjoyed tens of thousands of dollars in gifts and hospitality.  PA law places no limit on the size and number of gifts that can be accepted.  Elected officials need only disclose gifts worth $250 or more, and transportation and hospitality worth $650 or more.  Often, they provide few details, and sometimes it is impossible to discern much at all from their reports.  Gift ban proposals have languished in the legislature for years, despite public calls for reforms.  Former legislators say lawmakers resist changes because they enjoy the perks of the job, including being wined and dined by lobbyists and others working to influence state government.

To read more, click Permissive PA Gift Policies

Cathy Kernen, current Collegeville Borough Council member and 2018 Council candidate




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