An Available and Accessible Mayor


By Aidsand “Ace” Wright-Riggins, Candidate for Mayor

One of the very first things I will do as Collegeville’s new Mayor in January of 2018 will be to officially announce the establishment of regular “Open Office Hours”.   A sign, similar to this one will be visually and symbolically prominent in my media and in my weekly practice so that Collegeville residents and others have the opportunity to meet with me on a drop-in basis to discuss whatever issues, ideas or concerns that are on their minds without an appointment.

I believe that the establishment of an open office with regular hours is essential for communication purposes and it will give each of you direct access to your local government and a place to meet with me face to face.  It’s one of my core beliefs that government should be open and accessible to its people. In Borough governance, one of the primary responsibilities of the mayor is to communicate to the Borough Council the hopes, ideas and concerns of its citizens.   I will set aside at least one morning and one afternoon or evening each week to be available and assessable to you. 


Currently, Collegeville has no official physical site for the “Office of the Mayor”.    Where might the ideal place be?   It could be in Borough Hall, or at a table in one of our restaurants or coffee houses.  Maybe  one of the churches, organizations or businesses on Main Street would be willing to provide a space in their facilities to foster this kind of civic engagement.     Perhaps the “Office” will be a roving or rotating one.  But wherever it is, it will be open to all of Collegeville’s residents, whether they be Democrats, Republicans, Independents or of no party at all.  I plan to be the people’s mayor and open to listening to your many voices and perspectives.   

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