Primary Victory!



Democrats in Collegeville sent a loud and clear message through yesterday’s Primary Election Results.  That message is, “Collegeville Matters!”    It matters to us who serves as a member of Borough Council.  It matters to us who champions our community as Mayor.  Our children matter and we are deeply invested in who serves as Directors of Perkiomen Valley School District.   Reignited in part by catastrophic national election results of 2016, Collegeville Democrats have been on a mission, of resistance, insistence, persistence and enlistment throughout the winter and spring.   A significant milestone was the Primary Election. 

About 14% of registered Collegeville Democrats showed up at the polls yesterday.  Only 7.2% of registered Republicans chose to vote.   Democrats doubled the percentage of voter turnout of Republicans in this “Off Year” Primary Election.   Few people saw this reversal in turnout rates coming.  Historically fewer Democrats in Collegeville have turned out for the off year Primary.  All of our candidates for Mayor and Borough Council received more than twice as many votes for their office of service than did any of their Republican counterparts.   Our message of attracting new businesses, being a visible and available presence to all citizens, prioritizing partnerships and transparency in governance is resounding among our constituency.  

From 7:00 A.M. yesterday morning until 8:00 PM last night, Aidsand “Ace” Wright-Riggins, Catherine Kernen, Marion McKinney, Mathew McKnight and Shannon Spencer met with Democratic and Republican voters outside of Saint Eleanor Parish, Trinity United Church of Christ and Borough Hall listening to their hopes and dreams and responding to their concerns for Collegeville.  After the polls closed, the candidates joined with our Municipal Chair, Andrea Baptiste and campaign volunteers at Da Vinci’s Restaurant to toast and celebrate the evening’s victory and the hard work of the scores of Collegeville Democrats who made the success possible.








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