Poor Financial Stewardship – Hold our State Rep and Senators Accountable



This opinion piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer dated April 19, 2017 by John Baer highlights the growing budget deficit in PA.  Although states have a mandate to balance their budgets every year, many do not.  Truth in Accounting, a non-profit which provides citizeBad marksns with understandable government financial information, states that PA’s actual fiscal deficit is $74.2 billion.  As Democrats, we believe that it is the responsibility of those we elect to public office to be responsible stewards of our tax dollars.  Yet, our state representative and senators seem more focused on their own slush fund, which now totals $118 million in reserve accounts,  an increase of $18 million over the previous year at a time of state fiscal crisis.  – Cathy Kernen, Collegeville Borough Council Member

You can read more about this here:

More bad marks for Pennsylvania finances



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