Studies Show Racial Bias in School Funding

A Times-Herald  article addresses studies which show racial bias in funding and how it directly affects each of us. us.   It states that the larger a school district’s white population, the greater its state funding per student.  Also, the PA school funding formula is biased against districts that are growing, vs. more rural districts where the population is shrinking.  The story quotes PA House Rep Tom Quigley (R-146) who says that if the funding formula was changed to a fixed amount per student, Pottstown’s funding would increase 74 percent, Spring-Ford would increase 26 percent, and PerkiSchool-Fundingomen Valley would increase 22 percent.

Also notable is where most states fund 50% of the money that their school districts receive, this amount has been cut to 33% in PA thanks to our Republican legislators.  That is why our school taxes are so high.

To see the full article, click here


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